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An updated page for MyBB Page Manager using Google Maps JavaScript API v3.

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Requirements: Installation instructions:
  1. Login to your Admin CP and navigate to Configuration > Page Manager > Import Page. Select the usermapPage.xml file to import.
  2. To enable the page, go to the "Manage Pages" tab and edit the Usermap page. Add your Google Maps Key to the page by copying it into the key variable. The starting location and zoom level of the map are also set at the top of the page.
    $key = 'InsertKeyHere';
    $location = 'Australia';
    $zoom = 3;
    Finally, set the last option "Page enabled?" to "yes" and save changes.
  3. The page will be created at the url: http://www. yourforum .com/misc.php?page=usermap. The first run of the page will take a while load as it builds the location cache.

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