Advantages of Cork Flooring
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Nowadays many house owners are choosing Cork Flooring for their house because of the various benefits recognized with this flooring type. Many a building inspector Sydney home owners have approached for advice on which material is to be used for their flooring, has suggested this material as a good option. The first and major benefit of this flooring is the comfort and softness it provides to the floor. A natural shock absorbing feel is there for the floor which is provided by the air trapped inside the cellular structure of cork. Building inspection experts advice to use this flooring in places like kitchen where you will stand a lot because this provides relief for your feet. Another advantage of this material is its natural beauty rivaled by few other natural materials used for flooring. Also, this flooring has a special quality of noise reduction. The special cellular structure of this material is what that helps to reduce noise. There are some natural properties for cork such as they are anti allergenic and are resistant to insects. Suberin is a naturally occurring waxy substance that is present in cork. It repels insects, mites and mold. Also, this helps cork floor to be protected from rotting when it is wet for a long time. And many point out another advantage of the cork that it does not release any toxic off-gassing when it burns and suberin is naturally fire resistant. Cork floors are largely used in public buildings such as schools, libraries, churches, etc. because of the durability of this material. All these qualities added with the coatings used to seal cork flooring help to make healthy and safe for everyone including pets and babies.
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