History of Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services
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In January 2002 the Presbyterian Children’s Homes (PCH) and Presbyterian Children’s Services (PCS) merged together to form Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS). The mission of Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services is to provide a variety of Christ-centered services to children who are in need and their families. This is with the motive of bringing an end to the cycle of family breakdown.
Presbyterian Children’s Homes came into existence when Ms Blaney contacted the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Dallas. She was dying of tuberculosis and was worried about her four children. The Ladies Missionary Society of First Presbyterian Church rented a home in Dallas and the Synod of Texas of the Presbyterian Church in the United Kingdom took over the management of the home in October 1903. Many orphans in need of care, including the Blaney children, filled the home quickly.
Their oldest continually operating campus is located in a large plot of land donated by Files family in the Files Valley, east of Itasca. The Synods of Oklahoma and Arkansas extended their support to this organization which grew into a strong relationship between PCH and the synods and their successors. The PCH developed and maintained programs in the area of Texas. The campus in Dallas continued to serve children in that location till 1960, after which it relocated to a new campus in Waxahachie. In the new home, the organization got a new name as well: Presbyterian Children’s Services. On January 1st, 2002, the two agencies, PCH and PCS collaborated together and a new name was given to it: Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services.
The organization is today supported by various companies and institutions.
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